4-D Resources

Zero Trust Network Access

The Fortinet Security Fabric enables customers to design and deploy Security-Driven Networks to protect against the ever-expanding attack surface of today's borderless networks. To understand and explore the Security Fabric in-depth, 4-D Documents help Define, Design, Deploy, and Demo solutions and offer best practices for your organization's needs.

DEFINE Define icon

Discover the concept of Zero Trust Network Access, and Fortinet's approach to delivering ZTNA solutions.
ZTNA Concept Guide

DESIGN Design icon

Learn about different ZTNA Designs and Architectures to use in your environment.
ZTNA Architecture Guide

DEPLOY Deploy icon

Learn the steps to deploy different ZTNA architectures.
ZTNA Deployment Guide
SSL VPN to ZTNA Hosted Web Application Migration Guide
FortiSASE + ZTNA Deployment guide

DEMO Demo icon

Explore demo configs to launch a new ZTNA deployment.
ZTNA Demo Configs