D Series CLI Reference (PDF)

The FortiADC D-series family of application delivery controllers (ADC) optimizes the availability, user experience, performance and scalability of enterprise application delivery. An ADC is like an advanced server load balancer. An ADC routes traffic to available destination servers based on health checks and load-balancing algorithms; full-featured ADC like FortiADC also improve application performance by assuming some of the server task load. Server tasks that can be handled by the FortiADC appliance include SSL encryption/decryption, WAF protection, Gzip compression, and routing processes, such as NAT. This document describes how to use the command-line interface (CLI) of the FortiADC appliance. It assumes that you have already successfully installed the FortiADC appliance and completed basic setup. At this stage: You have administrative access to the web UI and/or CLI. The FortiADC appliance is integrated into your network. Once that basic installation is complete, you can use this document. This document if a reference for commands you can use to: Update the system. Configure features and advanced options. Diagnose problems.