Adding devices using the wizard

This section describes how to add model devices and VDOMs to the FortiAnalyzer using zero-touch provisioning (ZTP).

When using the Add Device wizard, model devices added to the FortiAnalyzer unit using a serial number are authorized and are ready to begin sending logs. When a FortiGate model is configured using a pre-shared key, you must also configure the key on the device itself before it will be authorized on FortiAnalyzer.

To add devices using the wizard:
  1. If using ADOMs, ensure that you are in the correct ADOM.
  2. Go to Device Manager and click Add Device.
    The Add Device wizard opens. You can add devices by serial number or pre-shared key.

  3. Configure the following settings:


    Type a name for the device.

    Link Device By

    Select Serial Number or Pre-shared Key.

    Depending on your selection, the device model will automatically link to a real device by serial number or configured pre-shared key.

    Serial Number

    Enter the device's serial number.

    Pre-shared Key

    Enter a pre-shared key for the device. If using a pre-shared key, each device must have a unique pre-shared key

    Only FortiGate devices can be added to FortiAnalyzer using a pre-shared key. You must also configure this pre-shared key on the corresponding FortiGate device. See Configuring a pre-shared key on FortiGate

    Device Model

    Select the model of the device from the dropdown.


    Type a description of the device (optional).

  4. Click Next.

    The device is added to the ADOM and, if successful, is ready to begin sending logs to the FortiAnalyzer unit.

  5. Click Finish to finish adding the device and close the wizard.

Configuring a pre-shared key on FortiGate

When configuring a FortiGate model device on FortiAnalyzer using a pre-shared key, the pre-shared key must also be configured on FortiGate using the following CLI commands. This can be done after the FortiGate has been configured to send logs to FortiAnalyzer in Log & Report > Log Settings.

To configure a pre-shared key on FortiGate:
  1. In the FortiGate CLI, enter the following commands.

    config log fortianalyzer setting

    set preshared-key <pre-shared key>