Feature comparison of standalone and managed modes

The following table provides a feature comparison between standalone FortiClient (free version) and managed FortiClient (licensed version).

Both modes (free and licensed)

Only with managed mode (licensed)

Installation options

  • Security Fabric Agent: Telemetry, vulnerability scanning, vulnerability patching
  • Secure Remote Access: SSL and IPsec VPN components
  • Advanced Persistent Threat (APT): FortiSandbox detection and quarantine components
  • Additional Security Features: AntiVirus, Web Filter/Web Security, Single Sign On, Application Firewall. Select one, two, or all additional security features.

Security Fabric and network access compliance

  • Participation in the Security Fabric
  • Compliance status
  • Define and enforce enterprise security policies when FortiClient is used with FortiGate
  • On-net/off-net detection

Advanced Persistent Threat

  • Integration with FortiSandbox

Central monitoring and management

  • Centralized FortiClient monitoring with FortiGate or EMS
  • Centralized configuration provisioning and deployment when FortiClient is used with EMS


  • Realtime antivirus (AV) protection
  • Antirootkit/antimalware
  • Grayware blocking (adware/riskware)

Central logging

  • Upload logs to FortiAnalyzer or FortiManager. FortiClient must connect to FortiGate or EMS to upload logs to FortiAnalyzer or FortiManager.

Web Filter

  • Web filtering
  • YouTube education filter

Application control

  • Application Firewall
  • Block specific application traffic

Remote access

  • IPsec VPN
  • Client certificate support
  • X.509 certificate support
  • Elliptical Curve certificate support
  • Two-factor authentication

Vulnerability management

  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Links to FortiGuard with information on the impact and recommended actions
  • Automatic software patching for identifying vulnerabilities
  • List of software that requires manual installation of software patches


  • VPN, Application Firewall, AntiVirus, Web Filter, Update, and Vulnerability Scan logging
  • View logs locally