Adding XML to advanced profiles in EMS

You can add custom XML to a profile in EMS by using an advanced profile.

To reduce the size of the FortiClient XML configuration file, you can delete all help text found within the <!-- .... --> comment tags.

  1. In EMS, go to Endpoint Profiles > Manage Profiles > Add.
  2. Click Advanced.
  3. On the XML Configuration tab, click Edit. EMS displays two panes. Use the pane on the right to edit the XML configuration.
  4. Overwrite the existing XML configuration by pasting the XML from your custom XML configuration file into the right-hand pane:
    1. Open the FortiClient XML configuration file in a source code editor.
    2. Copy the FortiClient XML.
    3. Paste the FortiClient XML into the right pane on the XML Configuration tab.
  5. Click Test XML. When valid, an XML is valid message displays. When invalid, an XML is invalid message displays. The XML must be valid before you can save the profile.
  6. When the XML is valid, click Save.