Known Issues

The following issues have been identified in 6.2.7. For inquires about a particular bug or to report a bug, please contact Customer Service & Support.

AP Manager

Bug ID Description
633171 There may be DFS Channel mismatch between FortiManager and FortiGate for FAP-223E.

Device Manager

Bug ID


575215 When creating an new interface for a VDOM, FortiManager may list interfaces that may belong to another ADOM.
596711 FortiManager CLI Configuration shows incorrect default wildcard value for router access-list.
610568 FortiManager may not follow the order in CLI Script template.
615044 Configuration status may be shown modified after added FortiGate to FortiManager.
636012 Importing policy may report conflict for the default SSH CA certificates.
636357 Retrieve may fail on FortiGate cluster with Failed to reload configuration. invalid value error.
636638 Fabric view may stuck at loading.
654190 FortiManager should not modify IPv4 addressing mode when IPv6 addressing mode is changed.
665344 User with full R/W DVM privileges should be allowed to see and modify the System Provisioning Templates.
667738 GUI should generate error message when using invalid IP address or special characters in interface name.
670577 When creating an API admin from CLI Configuration, trusted host section is missing.
670839 FortiManager should be able to configure IPSec Phase2 selector using the same IP range.
674904 FortiManager may not be able to import policy with interface binding contradiction on srcintf error.

FortiSwitch Manager

Bug ID


637220 FortiManager may not able to upgrade FortiSwitch firmware.

Global ADOM

Bug ID


667423 Assigned header policy from the global ADOM shows up on excluded policy package.
670280 Promoting the Profile Group object should not promote the default Protocol option.


When installing global policy, FortiManager may delete policy routes and settings on an ADOM.


Bug ID Description


Fabric SDN Connector is installed on FortiGate even if not used.

Policy & Objects

Bug ID Description
580880 FortiManager is unable to see dynamic mapping for Local Certificate if workflow session is created.
585177 FortiManager is unable to create VIPv6 virtual server objects.
598938 FortiManager should allow setting wildcard-fqdn type firewall address as destination on proxy policy.
602176 Creating a proxy policy with a profile group adds additional security profile.
608535 NAT option is missing from Central NAT policy package.
612317 FortiManager shows incorrect country code for Cyprus under User definition.
615624 Firewall policy and proxy policy cannot select IP type external resource as address.
618499 Right-click to edit zone incorrectly prompts dynamic interface window.
630431 Some application and filter overrides are not displayed on GUI.
631158 FortiManager is unable to import firewall objects of fsso fortiems-cloud user due to Server cannot be empty.
631372 Setting server-cert-mode to replace may cause install failure if inspect-all is certificate-inspection.
651991 After adding and removing Security Profile, policy Security Profile changes from no-inspection to empty.
652753 When an obsolete internet service is selected, FortiManager may show entry IDs instead of names.
655601 FortiManager may be slow to add or remove a URL entry on web filter with a large list.
659296 FortiManager may take a long time to update web filter URL filter list.
660483 IPS signatures may not match between FortiGate and FortiManager.
666258 User should not be able to create a firewall policy with an Internet service with Destination direction in Source by using drag and drop.
670061 FortiManager does not report error when an unsupported FQDN address format is created.

Revision History

Bug ID


623159 Zone validation in re-Install Policy is not saving the user choice and deleting all related policies.
635957 Install fails for subnet overlap IP between two interfaces.
637103 Scrolling in install preview is not smooth and may get stuck.
660525 When installing from FortiManager, it may reset comment, organization, and subnet-name during install.
664284 FortiManager may not be able to configure SSH certificate.
675867 The ssl-anomaly-log configuration may be incorrectly pushed by FortiManager when installing 5.6 ADOM policy to 6.0 FortiGate.


Bug ID Description
613575 After script is run directly on CLI, FortiManager may fail to reload configuration.


Bug ID


567664 HA slave does not update FortiMeter license.
587730 FortiGate-VM64-AZURE may not be listed in firmware image page.

System Settings

Bug ID


631733 Changing trusted IP can be saved and installed.


While FortiAnalyzer model is disabled, FortiManager may fail to create an ADOM due to over size with disk quota.

662970 Firewall addresses may not be not visible on GUI after upgraded FortiManager.
670497 After upgraded FortiManager, it may delete syslog configuration.

VPN Manager

Bug ID


596953 VPN manager > monitor: The monitor page displays a white screen when selecting a specific community from the tree menu to show only that community's tunnels.
620801 SSLVPN > Edit SSLVPN Settings > IP Range: Only shows configuration from ADOM database objects.
658221 The dns-suffix on SSL VPN portal is not installed if web-mode is disabled.


After upgrading FortiManager, installing to any device participating in the full mesh VPN may fail with copy error fetch device/vdom list failed.