Setting administrative access on an interface

To perform administrative functions through a FortiManagernetwork interface, you must enable the required types of administrative access on the interface to which your management computer connects. Access to the CLI requires Secure Shell (SSH) access. If you want to use the GUI, you need HTTPS access.

To use the GUI to configure FortiManager interfaces for SSH access, see the FortiManager Administration Guide.

To use the CLI to configure SSH access:
  1. Connect and log into the CLI using the FortiManager console port and your terminal emulation software.
  2. Use the following command to configure an interface to accept SSH connections:

    config system interface

    edit <interface_name>

    set allowaccess <access_types>


    Where <interface_name> is the name of the FortiManager interface to be configured to allow administrative access, and <access_types> is a whitespace-separated list of access types to enable.

    For example, to configure port1 to accept HTTPS and SSH connections, enter:

    config system interface

    edit port1

    set allowaccess https ssh


    Remember to press Enter at the end of each line in the command example. Also, type end and press Enter to commit the changes to the FortiManager configuration.

  3. To confirm that you have configured SSH access correctly, enter the following command to view the access settings for the interface:

    get system interface <interface_name>

    The CLI displays the settings, including the management access settings, for the named interface.