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FortiASIC Hardware Acceleration

Performance Tuning

Configuring the NP7 Hyperscale firewall

Learn different ways to utilize the features of the NP7 Hyperscale firewall

  • Getting Started with Hyperscale Firewall features
  • Creating hyperscale firewall VDOMs
  • Configuring hardware accelerated Carrier Grade NAT
  • Applying Hardware logging
  • Configuring HA hardware session synchronization
  • Diagnosing the Hyperscale firewall

Performance Optimization - NP7

Learn different ways to tune your NP7 Network Processor to optimize performance

  • General NP7 Optimization
  • Increasing NP7 offloading capacity using link aggregation groups (LAGs)
  • Configuring inter-VDOM link acceleration with NP7 processors
  • NP7 traffic shaping
  • DoS policy hardware acceleration
  • Protect the FortiGate CPU with the NP7 Host Protection Engine (HPE)

Troubleshooting Hardware Acceleration


Learn various ways to monitor your traffic flow and whether they are offloaded.

  • NP7, NP6, NP6XLite and NP6Lite traffic logging and monitoring


Learn ways to troubleshoot when traffic doesn't appear to flow as expected

  • NP7 diagnostic commands

Hardware Architecture

NP/CP/SOC based Hardware Acceleration

Learn about the benefits of NP chips, CP chips and SOC based chipset in accelerating traffic

  • Intro to NP7, NP6, NP6XLite, NP6Lite and NP4
  • NP7 acceleration
  • Protocols that can be offloaded by NP7 processors
  • FortiGate models with NP7 processors
  • Fastpath and Packet Flow through the Network Processor
  • Intro to Content Processors
  • CP9 Capabilities

N-Turbo and IPSA Acceleration

Learn how N-Turbo and IPSA combines the power of NP and CP to accelerate IPS processing

  • NTurbo offloads flow-based processing
  • IPSA offloads flow-based advanced pattern matching