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Secure SD-WAN

SD-WAN Basics

Quick Start

This section outlines the basic SD-WAN setups and tools to get started.

What's New in 7.0

SD-WAN Overview

SD-WAN Quick Start

SD-WAN Zones and Members

Passive WAN health measurement

Passive WAN health measurement by service and application

SD-WAN Rules

Static Application Steering

Dynamic Application Steering

Interface Bandwidth Testing


Understanding logs

Debugging commands

Overlay VPN & Advanced Routing



Hub & Spoke Deployment (No ADVPN)

ADVPN Holepunching


Tunnel Bandwidth Aggregation (Per Packet Steering)

Advanced Routing

Using BGP tags with SD-WAN rules

BGP multipath support

Applying BGP route-map to Primary and Secondary SD-WAN neighbors

Applying BGP route-map to multiple SD-WAN neighbors

SD-WAN Self-healing with BGP

Application Performance

WAN Remediation

WAN Path remediation (Adaptive FEC)

WAN Path remediation (Packet Duplication)


SD-WAN traffic shaping and QoS

DSCP based traffic steering

Interface based QoS

Hub and Spoke Dynamic QoS

Management & Orchestration


Basic SD-WAN Deployment

SD-WAN Config Portability

SDN dynamic connector addresses in SD-WAN rules


Secure SD-WAN widgets

Secure SD-WAN Reports

Secure SD-WAN Assessment Report

Third Party Orchestration

Fortinet partners with the following 3rd party orchestration platforms

SD-WAN 4-D Solutions

Define & Design

Explore SD-WAN concepts and recommended designs

SD-WAN / SD-Branch Concept Guide

SD-WAN Architecture Guide for Enterprise

SD-WAN / SD-Branch Architecture Guide for MSSPs

Deployment & Demo

Provision SD-WAN into your network.

SD-WAN Deployment for MSSPs

SD-WAN Direct Internet Access Demo configs

SD-WAN Single Hub Demo configs

SD-WAN Dual Hub Demo configs