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Quick Start

This section outlines a recommended basic SSL VPN setup for remote access

  • Tunnel mode SSL VPN with split tunneling
  • Local user configuration
  • Remote Access to a single network via FortiClient VPN client

Setting up a basic split tunnel SSL VPN

Downloading FortiClient standalone VPN client

Connecting from FortiClient VPN client

With Multi-Factor Authentication

Setting up a SSL VPN tunnel with FortiToken MFA

Downloading the FortiToken Mobile App

Connecting from FortiClient with FortiToken

Additional SSL VPN Solutions

This section covers more variations of SSL VPN setups. Please review Best Practices first to understand more about the solutions

Best Practices in configuring SSL VPN


SSL VPN full tunnel for remote user

SSL VPN web mode for remote user

Enterprise Authentication

SSL VPN with LDAP user authentication

SSL VPN for different User Groups and Access Permissions

FortiGate SAML SP for VPN authentication

FortiClient SAML support for SSL VPN

High Performance VPN Load Balancing

Load balancing SSL VPN with FortiADC and FortiGates


Troubleshooting SSL-VPN

IPSEC VPN Solutions

IPSEC VPN with FortiClient dialup client

Connecting the FortiClient for IPSEC VPN

Adding FortiToken MFA to IPSEC VPN

Adding LDAP user authentication to IPSEC VPN

Load balancing IPSEC VPN with FortiADC and FortiGates

Troubleshooting IPSEC VPN

Multi-Factor Authentication


FortiToken Mobile Quick Start Guide

Using IOS In-app purchase to buy more tokens

Using FortiToken Cloud Multi-Factor Authentication Service

FortiToken Cloud Quick Start Guide


SSL VPN with RADIUS on FortiAuthenticator

SSL VPN with RADIUS and FortiToken mobile push on FortiAuthenticator

Fully Managed Remote Endpoints

FortiClient EMS and FortiClient Cloud Solutions

This section outlines solutions for centrally managing your remote endpoints.

Understanding FortiClient Licensing

Setting up your EMS Server

Importing Endpoints from AD Server

Provisioning FortiClient from EMS Server

Using FortiClient Trial License

Managing clients with FortiClient Cloud

Restricting VPN access using Zero Trust Tagging

Deploying FortiClient using mobile device management

Setting up EMS redundancy

Fully Managed Remote Access Points

Remote FortiAP Solutions

This section outlines solutions for centrally managing your remote wireless networks.

Deploying secured remote APs for the Teleworker