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Zero Trust Network Access

ZTNA Enforcement


Learn the concept behind Zero Trust Network Access and how it can enhance your Teleworking solution

Zero Trust Network Access introduction

Understanding the trust relationship between FortiClient, EMS, and FortiGate

Automating device identification with SSL certificate based authentication

Migrating from SSL VPN to ZTNA HTTPS access proxy

Getting Started

Get Started with configuring Zero Trust Network Access on FortiGate, FortiClient and EMS

Understanding the Basic ZTNA configuration

Configuring the FortiClient EMS Fabric Connector

ZTNA HTTPS access proxy with ZTNA tags

ZTNA HTTPS access proxy with basic HTTP authentication using LDAPS

ZTNA session-based form authentication

ZTNA access proxy with SAML authentication

ZTNA access proxy with SAML and MFA using FortiAuthenticator

ZTNA TCP forwarding access proxy

ZTNA TCP forwarding access proxy without encryption

ZTNA IPv6 Support

ZTNA SSH access proxy with single authentication

Posture check verification for active ZTNA proxy session

Troubleshooting and Debugging

ZTNA troubleshooting and debugging

Endpoint Management


Learn different steps in on-boarding FortiClients to EMS for ZTNA

Invitations to connect to EMS

Deployment & Installers on EMS

Deploying FortiClient using Microsoft Intune mobile device management (MDM)

Management and Tagging Rules

Learn different aspects of managing endpoints and tagging rules to support ZTNA with FortiClient EMS

Using ZTNA Connection rules for TCP forwarding access proxy

Configuring Zero Trust Tagging Rules

Monitoring Zero Trust tags

Viewing Managed Endpoints

Provisioning ZTNA TCP forwarding rules via EMS

Endpoint Posture Check Reference Guide

NAC & On-Prem ZTNA

Applying On-Prem ZTNA Posture Check

Learn how ZTNA posture check can be applied to on-premise devices using ZTNA tags and NAC policies

ZTNA IP/MAC based access control for on-prem devices

Using FortiSwitch NAC Policies with EMS/ZTNA Tags for Posture Check

Using Wireless NAC Policies with EMS/ZTNA Tags for Posture Check