Log browse

When a log file reaches its maximum size or a scheduled time, FortiAnalyzer rolls the active log file by renaming the file. The file name is in the form of xlog.N.log, where x is a letter indicating the log type, and N is a unique number corresponding to the time the first log entry was received. For information about setting the maximum file size and log rolling options, see Device logs.

Log Browse displays log files stored for both devices and the FortiAnalyzer itself, and you can log in the compressed phase of the log workflow.

In Collector mode, if you want to view the latest log messages, select the latest log file to display its log messages.

To view log files:
  1. Go to Log View > Log Browse
  2. Select a log file, and click Display to open the log file and display the log messages in formatted view.

    You can perform all the same actions as with the log message list. See Viewing message details.