system certificate

Use these commands to view certificate configuration.


get system certificate ca [certificate name]

get system certificate crl [crl name]

get system certificate local [certificate name]

get system certificate oftp [certificate name]

get system certificate remote [certificate name]

get system certificate ssh [certificate name]


This example shows the output for get system certificate local Fortinet_Local:

name : Fortinet_Local

password : *

comment : Default local certificate

private-key :

certificate :

Subject: C = US, ST = California, L = Sunnyvale, O = Fortinet, OU = FortiManager, CN = FMG-VM0A11000137, emailAddress =

Issuer: C = US, ST = California, L = Sunnyvale, O = Fortinet, OU = Certificate Authority, CN = support, emailAddress =

Valid from: 2011-01-07 26:58:75 GMT

Valid to: 2031-02-21 31:88:05 GMT

Fingerprint: 0A:--:--:--:--:--:--:--:--:--:--:--:--:--:0B

Root CA: No

Version: 3

Serial Num:



Name: X509v3 Basic Constraints

Critical: no



csr :