Use this command to configure firmware management settings.


config fmupdate fwm-setting

set auto-scan-fgt-disk {enable | disable}

set check-fgt-disk {enable | disable}

set fds-failover-fmg {enable | disable}

set fds-image-timeout <integer>

set immx-source {cloud |fgt | fmg}

set multiple-steps-interval <integer>




auto-scan-fgt-disk {enable | disable}

Enable/disable automatic scanning of a FortiGate disk when required (default = enable).

check-fgt-disk {enable | disable}

Enable/disable checking a FortiGate disk prior to upgrading the image (default = enable).

fds-failover-fmg {enable | disable}

Enable/disable using the a local image file on the FortiManager when the FDS download fails (default = enable).

fds-image-timeout <integer>

Set the timer for FortiGate image downloads from FortiGuard, in seconds (300 - 3600, default = 1800).

immx-source {cloud |fgt | fmg}

Configure which of the IMMX file to be used for choosing the upgrade patch:

  • cloud: Use the IMMX file for FortiCloud.
  • fgt: Use the IMMX file for FortiGate.
  • fmg:Use the IMMX file for FortiManager.

The default file is the one for FortiManager (default = fmg).

multiple-steps-interval <integer>

Set the waiting time between multiple step upgrades, in seconds (30 - 180, default = 60).