Viewing deployment packages

After you add FortiClient deployment packages to FortiClient EMS, you can view them on the Manage Installers > Deployment Packages pane.

The Deployment Packages pane displays the following information about each deployment package:

  • Name of the FortiClient deployment package
  • Operating system (Windows and/or macOS)
  • Version of FortiClient software for each OS
  • Whether Auto Update is enabled or disabled
  • Location of the FortiClient deployment package FortiClient EMS. Endpoint users can access this location to download and install FortiClient on endpoints.

Selecting a deployment package displays the following additional information:

  • Enabled FortiClient features
  • Configured endpoint profile
  • Configured Telemetry gateway list
  • Connection to FortiGate and/or FortiClient EMS
  • Auto registration enabled/disabled
  • Desktop shortcut enabled/disabled
  • Start menu shortcut enabled/disabled
  • Configured installer ID
  • Notes included when creating the deployment package

You can also create or delete a deployment package and refresh the deployment package list.