Creating Alibaba Cloud Service connector

With FortiManager, you can create a fabric connector for Alibaba Cloud Service (ACS), and then import address names from Alibaba Cloud Service to automatically create dynamic objects that you can use in policies. When you install the policies to one or more FortiGate units, FortiGate uses the information and Fortinet SDN Connector to communicate with Alibaba Cloud Service and dynamically populate the objects with IP addresses.

When you create a fabric connector for Alibaba Cloud Service, you are specifying how FortiGate can communicate with Alibaba Cloud Service through Fortinet SDN Connector. As a result, you are configuring communication and authentication information for Fortinet SDN Connector.

If ADOMs are enabled, you can create multiple fabric connectors per ADOM; however, each fabric connector requires a unique IP address.


  • FortiManagerwith ADOM version 6.2 or later.

    The method described in this topic for creating fabric connectors requires ADOM version 6.2 or later.

  • FortiGate is managed by FortiManager.
  • The managed FortiGate unit is configured to work with Alibaba Cloud Service.
To create a fabric connector object for Alibaba Cloud Service:
  1. Go to Fabric View > Fabric > Connectors, and click Create New. The Create New Fabric Connector wizard is displayed.
  2. Under Public SDN, select AliCloud. The Alibaba Cloud screen is displayed.

  3. Configure the following options, and then click OK:


    Type a name for the fabric connector object.


    Displays Alibaba Cloud Service (ACS).

    AccessKey ID

    Specify the AccessKey ID for the SDN Connector.

    AccessKey Secret

    Specify the AccessKey Secret for the SDN Connector.

    Region ID

    Specify the Region ID for the Fortinet SDN Connector.

    Update Interval (s)

    Specify the update interval for the Fortinet SDN Connector.

    Select one of the following options:

    • Click Use Default to use the default interval.
    • Click Specify and specify the interval.


    Toggle On to enable the fabric connector object. Toggle OFF to disable the fabric connector object.

  4. Go to Policy & Objects > Security Fabric > Fabric Connectors. Select the connector and click Import.
  5. The Alibaba Cloud Service connector is imported. Click Close to close the import dialog.
  6. Create a Policy Package and install it to a FortiGate device. The Alibaba Cloud Service connector object is synced with the FortiGate device.